Goat Feed

Tree Leaves / Browse Plant 1.Trichantera Gigantea (Madre de Agua)   Trichantera gigantea is the scientific name of Madre de Agua. A small tree that is usually used as fodder. Madre de Agua is one of the best protein sources in preparing feeds for chickens,turkeys, pigs, goats, carabaos, sheep and cows etc. 2.Indigofera  is a forage… Read More Goat Feed

Common Poultry Farm Diseases

COMMON POULTRY FARM DISEASES AND TREATMENTS Infectious diseases do not spontaneously appear in chicken flocks. Almost all infectious diseases are introduced into a flock by means that go unnoticed, such as inadvertently caring an infectious disease on shoes or clothing and then tending to chickens. Just as common are introductions of disease from equipment, feed,… Read More Common Poultry Farm Diseases